WarmCore colours –

The warmcore profile, orange on the inside but what colour on the outside?

The orange inner core of the warmcore profile that provides its superb thermal efficiency and stability has proven to be very popular among our customers many of whom have asked the question why can we not have the orange core visible as it looks so striking. We have to agree as a part of the profile it looks good but we at WarmCore Homes doubt that if given the option many of the purchasers of our expansive range of products would go for orange as the exterior or interior colour of their Bi-fold, patio or residential doors and the thought of a full household of orange coloured external core windows is not one we really want to contemplate.

The aluminium cladding of the warmcore profile comes in a choice of four much more subtle colours which can be used to blend with your décor both inside and outside of your property –

Pure White, Heritage Cream, Jet Black and Anthracite Grey offer a choice of colours that will blend with the décor inside or out of most properties – and if you require a “Jet Black” outer frame and a “pure White “inner frame that is not a problem any combination of matched or contrasting colours is possible, the photograph shows a Pure White exterior and Anthracite Grey interior

The best way to check out your options is to use the WarmCore Homes door designer – steps 7 & 8 allow you to choose your exterior and interior colours and provide a graphic illustration of how your door will look once installed.

The WarmCore Home door designer provides you with all the options you need to design your perfect door starting from “Delivery Only” or “premier Installation by WarmCore Homes” working through your full chosen specification and when you have completed your design send us your “e” mail request quote and we shall respond in as quick a time as it takes us to work out your price.

Now you have the hard choice – the interior a nice neutral “go with anything white” or a dramatic Jet Black – and for the exterior – what goes best with a rustic facing brick???