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Thermal Performance

Thanks to our intuitive design, we have created
the most energy efficient aluminium product
on the market.

How WarmCore improves your home

Save Money

Saves you money

WarmCore retains heat better than aluminium and wooden alternatives which can reduce your energy bills.

Retains heat

Retains heat

Compared to standard double glazing expect a better heat retention of 25-75% - a real bonus in those cold Winter months!

Improves Security

Improves Security

Laminated glass is available, making the glass in your WarmCore doors and windows virtually unbreakable.

25% more thermally efficient

than the competition

Out Performs the Competition

WarmCore outperforms the rest

WarmCore is more efficient at keeping heat in your home than traditional aluminium doors. Yet, it doesn't compromise strength as outer faces of the profile are high grade aluminium, positioned to add the greatest structural rigidity.

Outperforms the competition

Double Glazed units

High thermal performance as standard

We offer a range of glass upgrades to further enhance your WarmCore product, but even our standard double glazed units are thermally efficient. Our glass units are optimised for heat retention by using a warm edge spacer bar and argon gas inside the unit.

WarmCore Double Glazed

U Value of 1.5 on standard glazing

Compared to standard double glazing expect a better heat retention of 25-75% - a real bonus in those cold Winter months!

Thermally efficient glazing

Thermally efficient glazing

To improve the thermal efficiency of our products, all glass units have a warm edge spacer bar and argon gas injected into the cavity of the unit to assist with heat retention.

Triple Glazing Upgrade

Increase your thermal performance

Upgrade your standard 28mm double glazed units to our 44mm triple glazed option and crush your energy bills! Triple glazing performs 75% better than standard double glazing, and reduces the whole door U-value from 1.4 to 1.0.

WarmCore Double Glazed

44mm Toughened Triple Glazing

A thicker glass unit with an integral pane of glass is a great way to increase the energy performance of your door or window - upgrade to triple glazing and improve the U Value to an impressive 1.0.

Thermally efficient glazing

A glazing option to suite your needs

Triple glazing is a perfect upgrade for; larger houses that take longer to heat, older properties prone to cold draughts, homes next to busy/noisy roads, customers looking to reduce their energy bills.


Celsius Glass
28mm Toughened

Celsius Clear insulated glass is available as an optional upgrade. This unique glass features a unique easy-clean film on the outer glass pane.

Thermally efficient glazing

Secure by Design glass
28mm Laminated

For added peace of mind choose the optional laminate glass upgrade - giving WarmCore doors Secured by Design accreditation - the official UK Police initiative.

Energy Efficiency
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